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Writing success

This post hasn’t got anything to do with baking, but I wanted to share my news. As well as baking, I’m also writing stories, my writers blog can be found here. My short story ‘Sister Replacement’ has been published, I’m really happy with this because just like with my baking I’ve found my love of creative writing again, and this acceptance has given me the confidence to continue writing and maybe write that novel that I dreamt about doing when I was a little girl. See below for details on my story.

Sister Replacement

Sister Replacement is a 2200 word horror short story, which deals with sibling relationships. This story idea came to me while observing my sibling relationship, and from that, I wondered what it would be like to be the younger sister rather than the older sister. So Amanda was born, she is a dramatic version of a younger sister and isn’t solely based on my sister. This story allowed me to explore different characters and their personalities rather than having them similar to my own. It was a challenge and I am happy with the result.

My story is published on Alfie Dog Fiction. If you would like to read this story, you can buy it here.

Story blurb

Sibling relationships can be turbulent, but after another feisty row with her older sister, Amanda is left longing to get rid of her. This leads to dire consequences for Amanda and a hard lesson to learn.

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