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My Little Pony Cake

My Little Pony Cake

Again August was near, and it was time to make another birthday cake for my cousin. This year she asked for a My Little Pony cake, and my first thought was, how on earth am I going to make pony models? Not wanting to disappoint my cousin, I agreed to make her the cake she desired, even though I had no clue on where to start.

Before I started on the design, I did some research, but I still struggled to work out how I was going to make these pony models look like ponies. Then, an idea struck me like lightening; I didn’t need to make models, I could make cookie pops instead. With the pony issue sorted, I started on my sketch, see image below. I thought it would be nice to have the ponies (Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle) playing in a magical field.

My Little Pony Cake - Sketch

Since I had decided on making cookie pop ponies, I thought it would save time if I baked them a week in advance. For the cookies, I used a simple vanilla cookie dough. Then I downloaded a template from the internet, cut out the two ponies, and then pressed a lollipop stick into each pony. I made 6 ponies (3 of each of one) just in case of breakages.

Note: To keep the cookies in shape, I make sure to chill the cookies for 20 minutes after I cut them out.

My Little Pony Cake - Twilight Sparkle

Even though I chilled the cookies, there was an increase in size from the original template (this makes adding the extra details difficult), so after the cookies were cooked and cooled a little, I used the template to trim them back down to size. It’s fiddly, but it worked. Once all the cookies were cooled, I wrapped them in greaseproof paper, then in foil, and then I put them inside a small bag. With the cookies secure, I added them to the freezer.

To decorate the cake, I covered it with green sugar paste (I coloured it myself using colour paste). I then added the water, which was also made out of sugar paste, and on top of the water, I brushed it with some watered down royal icing and sprinkled some edible silver glitter. I was aiming for the water to look like it was flowing, and for it to look magical at the same time. (It didn’t really go to plan). For the flowers and letters, I used flower paste. My sister took on the task of making the flowers and letters.

My Little Pony Cake - Rainbow Dash

To decorate the cookies, I used royal icing. To finish the ponies off, I sprayed them with Dr Oetker silver shimmer spray. The ponies didn’t look as good as I had hoped (I used the royal icing transfer method for the eyes, but they didn’t go to plan.). However, they were a better option than actually making the models.

Overall, my cousin loved her cake, and that’s all that matters.

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