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Christmas Cake 2015

Christmas Cake 2015

Here is my 2015 Christmas cake. This is the fifth Christmas cake on my blog, and it’s amazing to see how much my skills have improved.

This year, after doing some research, I decided to create a snowman’s head cake. Buzzing with ideas, I started sketching some designs and came up with the sketch below.

Christmas Cake 2015 - cake sketch

For the cake, I made a fruit cake. I love fruit cake, so I always look forward to my Christmas cake. I soaked the fruit the month before baking the cake (I normally like to soak it for longer, but ran out of time), and then cooked the cake a month before decorating.

Note: A cake tin is a great place to store your fruit cake before you decorate it. I firstly wrap the cake in greaseproof paper, and then foil.

Christmas Cake 2015 - fruit cake

Before adding the icing to the cake, I always cover it with marzipan (only with fruit cakes). It doesn’t really matter what type of marzipan to use, but I tend to use the white marzipan. I warmed apricot glaze and mixed it with rum. I then brushed glaze over the cake and added the marzipan, which I had already rolled out.

Christmas Cake 2015 - white marzipan on cake

While waiting for the marzipan to harden, I decorated the cake board and made the snowflakes and letters needed to add to the board. I embossed the board with the snowflake cutter and sprayed the board with the Dr Oetker’s silver shimmer spray that I love. For the snowflakes and letters, I used flower paste rather than sugar paste. Again, I used the silver shimmer spray, but with the snowflakes, I also used edible glitter.

Christmas Cake 2015 - decorated cake board

Christmas Cake 2015 - snowflakes and letters

With the cake board sorted, I added the white ready to roll icing on top of the marzipan layer. I brushed water over the marzipan layer to make sure the icing stuck.

Christmas Cake 2015 - cake on board

The hat was the tricky part, but a template (semi-circle) and a ruler helped. First, I coloured the ready to roll icing red. I then rolled it out and placed it on the top half of the cake. Using the template and ruler, I then managed to roughly cut the shape of the hat. I then used a sharp knife to neaten up the edges. To finish the hat, I used a thin strip of green coloured ready to roll icing and sprayed (only the hat area) with the silver shimmer spray.

Christmas Cake 2015 - Snowman hat

To make the hat bobble, I rolled spaghetti shaped sugar paste and stuck them on top of a small ball of icing. This part was fiddly and not my first idea for how to make the bobble (I wanted to push the icing through my cookie presser), but it worked.

Christmas Cake 2015 - hat bobble

For the snowman face, I used flower paste. I made a carrot-shaped nose, and I used the bottom part of my nozzles to cut out circles for the mouth and eyes. I have to admit, I do like the nose.

Note: to stick on the pieces, I used watered down royal icing. It works like glue.

Christmas Cake 2015 - snowman face

Once I finished with the face, I then added the letters and snowflakes to the board and wrapped a ribbon around the cake board.

Christmas Cake 2015 - Finished cake face

Even though this cake is one of my simpler designs, I am very happy with it. I’m getting the hang of producing neater cakes. However, I’m nowhere near professional level. The cake was yummy too.

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