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About Me

Hi, my names Nicole and I’m a keen baker. I started baking back in my early teens. I remember baking a cherry cake with my Nan, and since then I’ve been hooked. I started to bake for Christmas, which would involve me making a Christmas cake and normally an apple pie. I would also bake for family birthdays, which could be anything from cookies to a birthday cake. For my mom, I would bake either a banana cake or pineapple upside down cake, which are her favourites. As I continued baking, my interest increased further, and I also started coming up with my own recipes.

To further develop my baking skills, I would look for different and interesting recipes on the internet. I then also started watching many cookery programs such as Master Chief, Come Dine with Me, and Daily Cooks. I then came across the program of my dreams, a program which did nothing but baking, and this was called The Great British Bake Off. From watching this series, I realised that there were so many more things I could bake and learn to do, so I decided to purchase the show’s book (I now have four of them). So with the new book, I decided to go on a baking quest, and I have created this blog so you too can join me on my quest.