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50th Birthday Cake

50th Birthday Cake - for Dad

This year marked a big occasion for my dad; it was his 50th birthday, and so it was time for me to put on my apron and create some magic. As always, I first did some research on the internet for design inspiration. After the research, I then created the sketch below.

50th Birthday Cake - sketch

For the cake, I made a vanilla Madeira sponge. Sadly, the cake domed while cooking, so I ended up having a shorter cake then planned. From my sketch, you can see that the beer glasses were meant to be the same size as the cake; however, since I lacked the time to remake my beer glass templates, I made the decision to allow the glasses to hang over.

50th Birthday Cake - butter icing

For the sugar paste, I chose a metallic blue for the cake and silver for the cake board. I coloured the sugar paste myself using colour paste and then sprayed the cake and board with Dr Oetker silver shimmer spray. Note: if you are spraying over a colour such as blue you need to make sure that you don’t spray too much on.

50th Birthday Cake - sugar paste base

I used flower paste to create the number 50 and the beer glasses. Before I cut out the number 50, I coloured the flower paste grey. Once the 50 was set, I then sprayed it with the Dr Oetker silver shimmer spray and sprinkled the numbers with edible silver glitter. Note: I used flower paste instead of sugar paste because it sets harder, and you can roll it out thinner than the sugar paste.

50th Birthday Cake - flower paste 50 sign and beer glasses

For my dad’s face, I also used flower paste and created a template in Photoshop to cut out the head shape. The eyes were created with royal icing, and I used the wet on wet technique so the iris and pupil would be inside the whites of the eye rather than on top.

50th Birthday Cake - flower paste face and happy birthday

The wet on wet technique was also used for my dad’s mouth. I used normal 10-second icing for the nose and stiff peak icing for the eyebrows. I used a star tip nozzle for the eyebrows, but the size nozzle I used was too big, as you can see from the caterpillar-like eyebrows, which isn’t a true reflection of my dad’s eyebrows. To finish off the face, I got my baking assistant (mom) to use the black edible pen to add the hair, facial hair, and eyelashes. I then attached the head (once everything was dry) to the cake with stiff peak royal icing.

50th Birthday Cake - put head on the cake

The beer glasses were the part of the cake that I was the most pleased with. I painted on the detail using colour paste mixed with vodka to make a paint. I then mixed the colours together to make a golden yellow colour for the beer. For the beer froth, I made some white stiff peak icing and piped it on with a star tip nozzle. Note: you need to make sure you use stiff peak so you can see the detail in the icing.

50th Birthday Cake - beer glass view

The final part was adding the 50 to the cake. Previously I had attached the numbers to two lollipop sticks with stiff peak icing. I did fear that they wouldn’t hold, but I had no reason to worry. If you need something to stick, use royal icing.

50th Birthday Cake - top view

Even though the cake wasn’t the height it should have been, I’m still impressed with what I managed to create. However, the sponge didn’t last very long, which I was disappointed about. This is one issue I’m yet to solve. However, the cake (before it got hard) tasted nice, and my dad was happy with it. In the end, that’s all that matters.

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